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Meet our newest Honorary Jr. Special Deputy Braxton Falin.  On March 15th, 2018, Braxton came by our office to meet our staff and to let us know his goal in life is to become a deputy.  This young man has a true heart to be a public servant and admires all law enforcement officers.  Pictured below is Braxton with Sp. Deputy Will Fugate...thank you Braxton for visiting our office today.

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Sheriff Les Burgett


Sp. Deputy Will Fugate and Jr. Special Deputy Braxton Falin

March 16th, 2018

 Teachers throughout the Perry County School System held a "Walk-in" demonstration early this morning to voice their concerns over the highly debated State Retirement Systems fund.  Our staff stood proud amoung these teachers this morning in support at the various schools.  Though the outcome of State Retirement is still uncertain, we here at the Perry County Sheriff's Office stand firm in support our educators and state workers.


July 9th, 2018­


We are well into the vacation and travel season this summer. A good vacation requires planning so that you and your family can enjoy a relaxing and fun getaway, however many people everlook their safety during this time.

Vehicle break-ins are on the rise across the country and you could be a victim. Please keep the following tips in mind when traveling to prevent vehicle break-ins.

1. ALWAYS try to plan your stops along your route: try to research the areas in which you plan to stop to see if break-ins are prevelant.

2. Do NOT leave your car running unattended.

3. Completely CLOSE/LOCK all windows and doors.

4. Remove portable electronic devices.

5. Remove your purse or wallet.

6. Secure any loose change.

7. Place any shopping bags, luggage, or other items in the trunk.

8. ALWAYS park in a well lit area.

9. Be aware of your surroundings.

It is important to know that YOU ( the out-of-towner) are a potential target for thieves. The Perry County Sheriff's Office has recieved several reports of Perry Countians having their automobiles broke into while on vacation. Please be alert of popular cities with high theft rates such at ATLANTA, Ga., Miami, Fl. Myrtle Beach, Sc.

Always report any criminal activity to the local authorities and keep these tips in mind so that you and your family do not fall victim to theft. Have a great vacation season  the Perry County Sheriffs Office.


Yours Truly,

Sheriff Les Burgett