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KRS Guidelines:

KRS 189 requires every motor vehicle, when in use on a highway, to be in running condition and to be equipped with the following:
Front lights and Flashing lights, Brakes and Brake lights, Horn and other sound devices, Steering device that is in good working condition, Seat belts, Mirrors, Good Functioning muffler(s)
Please look at KRS 189 for more safety requirements
Inspection of motor vehicles and documents by certified inspector – Fee for certification of inspection

1. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the owner of every vehicle Brought into this state and required to be titled in this state shall, before submitting his application for title to the county clerk, have the vehicle together with his application for title and its supporting documents inspected by a certified inspector in the county in which the application for title is to be submitted to the county clerk.

(a) The certified inspector shall be certified through the Department of Vehicle Regulation following requirements set forth by the department by regulation and shall be designated by the county sheriff.

(b) There shall be a ($5) dollar fee per vehicle for this certification, payable to the sheriff’s office, upon completion of certification, when vehicle is brought to the courthouse

(c) There shall be a ($10) dollar fee per trip plus a ($5) fee for each vehicle inspected when it becomes necessary for the certified inspector to travel to the site of the vehicle rather than bringing the vehicle to the sheriff’s inspection area

(d) An inspection conducted in one (1) county within the Commonwealth of Kentucky under this subsection, and the fees paid for that inspection under this subsection, shall be honored by the certified inspector, sheriff, and county clerk in all other counties within this state. A second inspection shall not be required and additional fees shall not be required.

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Sheriff Les Burgett

In accordance in KRS 186A.115, the Perry County Sheriff’s Office is required to inspect all Out-of-State titled vehicles, being titled in the state of Kentucky.

  • You must have/provide the vehicle, Title and a valid Drivers License.
  • The fee for this service is $5.00 if vehicle is brought to our office.
  • If a deputy is requested to come to the residence for the vehicle inspection, the fee for service is $15.00.

Fee for service is payable by cash or check to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office.


Vehicle Inspections